Cohort #1 application form: Brand New Voices Campus

“When you walk in purpose, you collide with destiny.” -Ralph Buchanan

Please fill out the form on this page to apply to be in the first cohort for the Brand New Voices Online Campus. The first members are a special group, and will be taken into consideration as the community grows.


"Corrales is my "behavior side of web3" guru. Because his background is so different from mine, everything he posts makes me think a notch deeper. He's a strong supporter of the creator community, and an advocate of things done right, for the right reasons. He demands sense of purpose from the web3 community, and is also helping to create it." Maurício Magaldi, Head of Product at Midnight

"I want to thank Corrales for always reminding me to stay true to my purpose and mission." Marie Roker-Jones, Curious Culture

"Corrales is definitely one of the most intelligent thinkers around Storytelling, and I look forward to even more conversations, and future collaborations."
Coen (陈坚明) Tan, Global Speaker, Speech Coach, Facilitator, Podcast Host

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